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Drill Kennedy research into the wood to the forest, the new beginning of the new wood, is into three wood three days.
Founded in 2012, Miki Matsuri specializes in car entertainment MP3s, MP5 Android navigation systems, and vehicle control systems. It is committed to the development and design of car-mounted car solutions. Years of technology research and development and industry accumulation Miki three days to become a highly qualified technology vehicle pre-installed car entertainment, Andrews navigation products solutions provider.
Miki three days in 2016 to come out on top shipments tripod car solutions to the market, thanks to Miki core technology research and development team three days in the field of car solutions continue to drill new ground, excellence, with its abundant strength to give Miki Three days of Android application software, ARM bottom layer software, MCU software, GPS hardware, MP3, MP5 hardware and software, TFT driver hardware and amplifier radio and other powerful development design and technical service capabilities.
Accumulate, innovation is Miki three days walking so far the motivation and faith. From the starting MSTAR786 big screen dual-core to quad-core R16 exclusive; starting from the first Android 6.0 car version to the quad-core T3 car networking platform; to the forthcoming car-level AEC-Q100 certification eight nuclear program, Miki three days always with the pioneer Attitude to lead the market trend, the first to achieve the 4G car networking terminal applications, take the ride • Trip smart car platform car networking era has been opened by Miki three days.



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